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If you’re lost looking at what Deductibles, Max Out-of-Pocket and Co-Insurance mean for you, we can help.
Health insurance doesn’t sound fun, but we’ve found a way to make health insurance fun, sexy and ethical.
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PPO Plans are still available and can be lower in cost than you could imagine… But the plans are underwritten, so you have to qualify. BUT if you do, We’ll knock your socks off.

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Empower. Educate. Enjoy. Love.

We are here to empower you in your health insurance journey. Our team provides education and clarity through what can be a confusing process.

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Our Trained Team Explains Healthcare

Don’t fall for whatever plan the last health insurance agent was pitching that day. There are three things that matter: Do you get to pick your doctor? Do you have a solid max out-of-pocket? Can your family afford it?

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Say “Goodbye” to your health insurance frustrations.

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Can’t say enough about him! He is a straight shooter. He gave me honest feedback and now I have a plan. I was duped by a different broker. Or just was told things in a way to make them sound better than what they were. Now I’m on the path to the coverage I actually need!!

Danielle Henchcliffe

Perry is the man! If you need health insurance for your family talk to him ASAP! Extremely helpful and really knows how to help save your family some money on health insurance and anything else you need. Plus he is a really cool guy! 10/10 I would recommend.

Mark Gillean

I worked with Elizabeth Martinez, she was so awesome! She was able to get us s great deal for my family! She was able to help us answer questions and helped compare a couple options. Super happy and would call Elizabeth back in a second! Super nice & friendly!!!!

Blair Darnell

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