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Absolutely nothing!  Think of us as a matchmaker between the client and the insurance company that’s right for you.  If we make a match and both parties are happy, the insurance company pays us to represent you, to them.  So it’s a WIN/WIN/WIN for you, the insurance company and our agency.

When an individual leaves a company, that now former employee, typically has the right to 18 months of cobra.  This is the exact same plan you had before.  You will not receive new cards, and you will not have to start your deductible over.  The only difference is, the former employee is now responsible for the entirety of the payment without being subsidized by the company.  With any coverage this is being offered, the former employer was paying at least 50% of the employees insurance payment and occasionally they will help with payments for the family.  Our advice is that you choose this option if you are currently undergoing treatment, or have already hit your deductible for the year.  If only one person if the family needs continued treatment, it is often best and most cost effective to keep Cobra coverage for that individual only.  The two downsides to this options are, it’s typically wildly expensive and it only lasts for a year and a half.  If you are relatively healthy, we can usually build you a very similar plan at a far more competitive price that doesn’t have an expiration date.

Our expert team specializes in reducing costs for you, your business & your household, by placing individuals and small businesses into a larger group of over 1.7 million others, just like you, across the country.  Offering better and more affordable PPO options for all your healthcare needs, including Health, Dental, Vision, and Simple Accident coverage for you or your team.

Our goal is to make it not only easy, but entertaining and simple to get an insurance quote. Just click the book appointment button below to schedule a no obligation audit of your needs and options. Your Concierge insurance experts will help you decide which coverage is best suited for your needs and budget. We’ll reach out immediately to confirm your free requested appointment.  No detailed or difficult information will be needed for your quick Health Coverage Audit.

This is both true and false.  It is true that most states do not have PPO plans through the government.  However, most states have private PPOs through the biggest names in the industry.  The downside to leaving federal and state plans is that we must be very careful on which plans are trustworthy.  Your HID consultant is an EXPERT on what is real and what is “not so real” and will simplify the differences to you on your consultation.

We are proud to provide coverage to customers throughout most of the continental United States. The plans we prefer to specialize in are currently available in 36 of the 48 lower states.
Reach out and we are happy to be of assistance, no matter where you live.

NOPE! We can typically help you ANYTIME of the year regardless of what open enrollment you may be used to.

We honestly try not to.  That said, we believe Health Shares are perfectly suited for people mostly concerned about maternity and those that are only concerned with $30,000 claims.  Just know that you will likely first have to find a surgeon in network and also willing to take a Health Share (this is typically very difficult), be willing to pay the $30,000 up front, and be willing to wait between a couple of weeks and a year to get your money back.  In our experience, if you are only concerned with $30,000 claims, you don’t really need “coverage” for that.  A good credit card will typically suffice.

Short terms are designed for that 15 to 45 day period between the loss of one company group plan to the next one starting.  If you are looking for coverage that MAY last longer than 45 days, we recommend something much more reliable at typically the same price point.
What to watch for; Short terms look really good on paper.  They typically allow anyone in, and after the client has a claim, the insurance company is allowed to dig through your records and look for a reason to not cover you.  Too often, you believe you have no preexisting condition, but when an underwriter gets a hold of hundreds of pages of medical records, from every doctor they can find, you’d be astonished with what they can come up with.

We love Multiplan PPOs… For the right person!
We typically only recommend Multiplan PPOs for a very specific group of people.
What’s that group?  To make it simple, a truck driver with diabetes.  Meaning, very often a driver does not have access to a company PPO, so if that’s not available we keep looking.  A driver typically travels a good distance from home, so they need something that will travel.  Most states we service do not provide PPOs in the marketplace and HMOs do not typically travel well.  Therefore the client may require a private plan.  There are a few AMAZING private plans out there, but the better ones will often not accept Type 2 Diabetes, therefore a tier 2 style Multiplan PPO may be the absolute best option that’s available in this situation that will cover your diabetic needs.


We love helping and are here to assist EVERYONE.  Send your mom, sister, mother, brother and best friends.  We believe there are three types of plans that can be trusted by the American family. 
The first is a Group Plan.  These are the best!!!  But they are primarily too expensive when it comes to Cobra or a small business owner responsible for the entire payment and MANY individuals don’t have access to them (even if they don’t mind the crazy payment).  They also come with quite a bit government oversite and rules that may or may not be right for your business

The second trustworthy plans are Marketplace plans (also known as ACA/Obamacare).  These plans are super important and the current definition of ‘real insurance’.  If you don’t have access to an employer plan AND you have severe health issues OR you have a lower than optimal household income, this is most likely the right place for you.  The downside some clients have with them is that they don’t travel well, if you have a good income, the price and deductibles can be frightening, they don’t have out of network coverage in most cases, the doctor you most want is likely in network (or heaven forbid the doctor you don’t know you want yet).

The third plans we comfortably recommend are underwritten plans.  These can be built using some of the largest insurance companies in America and using some of the largest PPO networks in the country today.  They can often save a client hundreds of dollars per month (total savings is not guaranteed until we do the audit and you apply and are approved) typically cover their clients both in & out of network and anywhere go in the United States.  You do have to qualify for them by being relatively healthy, but unlike many private plans, the insurance underwrites them client before they come in instead of after the claim, so you know they pay the claim.  Because they underwrite before entry, they are contractually obligated to you till you move into Medicare at age 65, so you never have to shop again. 

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